Withdrawal Rules

General rules that withdrawals follow:

  • Your profile must be public and you must own CS:GO to withdraw.
  • You can only withdraw 12 items per day.
  • You can only withdraw or send 10000 GoCoins per day.
  • GoCoins can only be withdrawn by the steam account linked to the website. No one else can withdraw your GoCoins even if they change the steam trade URL.
  • You have 100 seconds to accept or decline your withdraw or it will automatically be declined.
  • If a withdrawal is declined, all GoCoins will be returned to you.
  • If a withdrawal is countered, it will be considered an accept. You will not receive your GoCoins back.
  • Sometimes Steam goes down and withdrawals may take longer. Please be patient.
  • Sometimes an item will be withdrawn by someone else before you, so you may only get part of a withdrawal. The rest of the GoCoins will be refunded.

Auto Withdraw

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Manual Withdraw

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Withdrawable Items

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